Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Video lectures on translation and intercultural studies

Angelelli, ClaudiaRe-visiting Interdisciplinarity in Interpreting Studies (2008)

Arrojo, RosemaryDiscussing Translation Theory Through Fiction: Some Examples from Borges, Calvino and Scliar (2005) (part 2

Chesterman, Andrew, Functional quality (2004)

Chesterman, Andrew, The idea of a theory (2006) (part 2) (part 3)

Chesterman, AndrewWhat I wish I had known earlier about the philosophy of science (2008) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

Chesterman, Andrew, On Skopos theory (2011) (part 2) (part 3

Chesterman, Andrew, On explanation (2011) (part 2

Chesterman, Andrew, Itamar Even-Zohar, Anthony PymQuestions of cultures (2011)

Cronin, Michael, Dante's Towering Inferno: The Translational Politics of Immigration (2004)

Cronin, MichaelDouble Take: Figuring the Other and the Growing Pains of Empire (2004)

Cronin, MichaelMicrocosmopolitan Perspectives on Translation (2004)

Even-Zohar, Itamar, On cultural translation (and cornflakes) (2008)

Even-Zohar, Itamar, Andrew Chesterman, Anthony Pym, Questions of cultures (2011)

Gambier, YvesScreen translation and language quality (2007)

Gambier, YvesThe development of doctoral programs in Translation Studies (2008) 

Gile, DanielResearch for training, research for society in Translation Studies (2008)

Hermans, Theo, Self-reference in Translation Studies (2004)

Kelly, Dorothy,  Implications of the EHEA (Bologna) for translator training in Europe 

Kiraly, Don, Distributed cognition in the translation classroom (2004)

Mallafrè, Joaquim, Translation and the Catalan language (2005)

MasonIan, An integrated framework for translated events (2003)

MasonIan, Transitivity and Institutional Norms of Translating (2003)

MasonIan, Dialogue Interpreting and Relevance (2003)

Melby, Alan, Challenges ahead for data-driven machine translation (2008)

Milton, John, Translation and economic factors (2007)

Milton, JohnFrom Translation Studies to Adaptation Studies (2008)

Nord, ChristianeFunctions in Bible Translation (2008) (part 2) (part 3

Nouss, Alexis, Translation Eurozone (2011) (part 2

O'Brien, Sharon, Teaching postediting (2014)

Pöchhacker, Franz, Developing Interpreting Studies (2008) (part 2)

Pöchhacker, FranzQuality Research: Replication and Innovation (2011) (part 2) (part 3

Pym, Anthony, Topic selection (2006)

Pym, Anthony, Hypothesis development (2006)

Pym, Anthony, Models in research methodology (2006)

Pym, Anthony, Risk management in cross-cultural communication (2008) (part 2

Pym, Anthony, On the ethics of translators' interventions (2009)

Pym, AnthonyExperimenting on/with students (2009)

Pym, Anthony, Why translation theories emerge (2010)

Pym, Anthony, On inculturation (2011) 

Pym, Anthony, On the translation form (2012)

Pym, Anthony, Winning hearts and minds (2012)

Pym, Anthony, A sociology of the status of translators (2012)

Pym, Anthony, Translation as a tool of multilingual inculturation (2012)

Pym, AnthonyExploring translation theories - course of 13 lectures (2012)

Pym, Anthony, Topics in translation research - course of 23 lectures (2010-12)

Pym, Anthony, Translation and language learning (2013)

Schäffner, Christina, Politics, Media, and Translation (2008) (part 2

Schäffner, ChristinaResearch Training: How specific does it need to be? (2008)

Shlesinger, Miriam, Quality in translation (2007)

Shlesinger, MiriamWhat corpus-based translation studies can tell us about interpreting (2008)

Simeoni, Daniel, Michael Cronin, Gideon Toury, Sociocultural approaches to translation (2005)

Toury, GideonTarget and Translation Studies (2008) (part 2)

Way, Catherine, Translation as social action (2008)

Wolf, Michaela, Translation in the Habsburg Empire (2004)

Wolf, MichaelaInvasion from the 'Third Space'? Negotiating translation with Homi Bhabha (2006)

Wolf, Michaela, The implications of a sociological turn (2008)

Wolf, Michaela, Challenges of the translatorial habitus (2011) (part 2)