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Christy Fung-ming Liu

Fung-ming Liu is Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies of the Hong Kong Institute of Education. She successfully defended her doctoral thesis in 2011.

A Quantitative and Qualitative Inquiry into Translators' Visibility and Job-related Happiness: The Case of Greater China

Supervisors: Anthony Pym and Leo Tak-hung Chan

Research Summary

This study employs a mixed method to investigate the translator's visibility and their job-related happiness. The focus of my research is on the translator's inter-communicative functions. I concentrate on issues concerning whether or not the translator's mediating role is visible to their clients and end-users. My research studies the correlations between the translator's visibility, their work experience and the level of their job-related happiness. I hypothesize that there are positive correlations between the above-mentioned variables. In addition to testing hypotheses, I also conduct interviews with translators who is visible to the client/ or the end-user in the context of Greater China in order to examine the role and the making of these professionals.

Minor dissertation

Research design

Conference Presentations

"On Collaboration and Translation: Adaptive and Multimodal: Translation in Chinese-English Bilingual Magazines". The Fourth Annual Conference of The Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong, The Open University of Hong Kong. January 9-10, 2009.

"Revisiting the Translator's Visibility: Interactive Translators as Happy Mediators between Clients and End-users: The case of Greater China." New Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain. June 25-27, 2009.


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2011. A quantitative and qualitive inquiry into translators'visibility and job-related happiness: the case of greater China (doctoral thesis online).

Viva: June 27, 2011

Examining committee :
Dr. Michaela Wolf (University of Graz)   
Dr. Franz Pöchhacker (University of Vienna)
Dr. Michael Gold (University of London)

Doctoral Thesis here