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Diana Berber

Diana Berber comes from Mexico and teaches at the Spanish Translation Department of the University of Turku (Finland) and at the Language and Communication Centre of the University of Åbo Akademi in the same city. She combines teaching with freelance translation and interpreting.

Information and communications technologies in conference interpreting.
A survey of their usage in professional and educational settings

Supervisors: Yves Gambier, Frank Austermühl
Tutor: Anthony Pym

Research Summary

One of the most popular mantra of today is that the way of performing our work and carrying about our daily lives has been changed radically because of information and communication technology (ICT). It is undeniable, however, that some professions have been affected to a greater extent than others. It is our interest to find out what has been the influence of ICT in conference interpreting.
Our research is based on a survey of the use of electronic tools by professional conference interpreters, both in-house and free-lance, and is followed by a comparative study with present-day programmes of interpreter training.
The object of our study is threefold:
· to study the tools per se so as to elaborate a typology of new technologies and electronic tools used by conference interpreters;
· to compile the interpreters' perception of the impact of the tools in relation to quality and professionalism on their individual work and on the profession in general or in its particular domains such as diplomatic interpreting; and
· to identify the actual and potential pedagogical uses of the tools in relation to career building and employment trends.

Conference Presentations

2009. "Las TIC en la interpretación de conferencias - sus usos en los ámbitos profesionales y formativos", in Primer Encuentro de Profesores de Español de Finlandia, Tampere, Finland.

2007. "The use of pedagogical and non-pedagogical ICT in conference interpreter training", in Newcastle University conference on interpreter and translator training and assessment (NU-CITTA), Newcastle, UK.

2006 "ICT in conference interpreting", in Contrapor2006, 1st
Portuguese Translation conference A Tradução Especializada: Um Motor de Desenvolvimento, Caparica (Lisbon), Portugal.

Research visits and conference attendance

2006.The Future of Conference Interpreting. EMCI. London, UK. Sponsor: EMCI teacher mobility

2007.3rd Symposium of the Åbo Akademi University. Sponsor:Spanish teachers' Association of Finland.

2007. CETRA. Leuven, Belgium. Sponsor: Translation Studies Multi-European Doctoral Programme

2007: Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics Symposium. Kouvola, Finland.

2008. XVIII FIT World Conference. Shanghai, China. Sponsor: Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

Member of SKTL (Suomen Kääntäjien ja Tulkkien Liitto - The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters) - V-osasto - teachers of translation section. Member of the board of the Turku chapter of SKTL, since 2010.


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Viva: 10 May, 2010

Examining committee :
Dr. Ingrid Kurz (University of Vienna)  
Dr. Cristóbal Scott-Tennent (URV)
Dr. Sharon O'Brien (Dublin City University)
Dr. Jesús De Manuel (Universidad de Granada)  
Dr. Elena Ferran (URV)

External experts
Dr. Claire Donovan (ESIT, Sorbonne)
Dr. Helle V. Dam (Aarhus Business School)

Doctoral Thesis here