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Alev Balcı

Alev Balcı holds a BA in International Relations from Ege University, Izmir, and an MA in Translation and Interpreting from Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir. Currently she is an instructor in the Department of Translation and Interpreting at Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey and works as a freelance interpreter on international projects.

Norms and Ideology in a Translated Institution: A case study of the interpreter involvement in sermon interpreting

Supervisors: Dr. Franz Pöchhacker (University of Vienna) Dr. Ebru Diriker (Bogazici University, Istanbul)

Research Summary

This research project is an attempt to take a closer look at the role of the interpreter, expectations placed upon her/him and factors influencing her/his performance. The role issue, which has already drawn much attention in the field of interpreting studies, merits more investigation due to the manifold aspects surrounding it in diverse social settings and social areas in which interpreting is practiced. One of these social areas, the religious setting, has not been put under investigation in either interpreting nor in sociolinguistic research to any great extent (Boxer 2002: 125). My observations at evangelical churches in Turkey where the sermons are consecutively interpreted led me into conducting empirical research regarding the interpreting service offered by volunteer interpreters from amongst protestant congregations. With this intention, a twofold perspective is taken: first a descriptive approach to explore the characteristics of this setting at micro- and macro-contextual levels and secondly a sociological approach to examine the interpreter involvement with ideological factors influencing the degree of this involvement 

Conference Presentations

Balcı, Alev. 2008 "Interpreter Involvement in Sermon Interpreting: The Role of Ideology" in CETRA 2008, 18 - 29 August, Leuven Belgium.

Balcı, Alev. 2007. "Can wordplay go beyond borders?", Knowledge, Creativity and Transformations of Societies Conference in Vienna, Austria, December 6-9, 2007.


Balci, Alev. "The History of Turkish Translations of Alice in Wonderland" in Alice in a World of Wonderland. The Translations of Lewis Carroll's Masterpiece. Ed. Jon A. Lindseth. Oak Knoll Press To be published in June 2015

Balcı Alev. (2009) "Yeniden Çeviri Olgusu Üzerine bir İnceleme", ("An Analysis on the Concept of Retranslation") Ed. Gülperi Sert, Çeviri: Araştırma, İnceleme, Eleştiri. İzmir: Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Yayınları. 50-71.

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