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Translation Research Projects 5

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Translation research projects 5 

Edited by Esther Torres-Simón and David Orrego-Carmona
Intercultural Studies Group
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, 2014

ISBN 10: 84-695-9692-6
ISBN 13: 978-84-695-9692-0

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This volume presents texts from the graduate conference New Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies held in Tarragona in 2013.


Costanza Peverati, Translation in university foreign-language curricula as transferable generic learning. Challenges for pedagogy and research

Volga Yilmaz Gümüş, Teaching technology in translator-training programs in Turkey

Anthony Pym, Localization, Training, and Instrumentalization

Katherin Pérez Rojas, Automatically building translation memories for subtitling

Marta Miquel Iriarte, The reception of subtitling by the deaf and hard of hearing. Preliminary findings 

David Orrego-Carmona, Where is the audience? Testing the audience reception of non-professional subtitling

Mehrnaz Pirouznik, Personality traits and personification in translators' performances. Report on a pilot study

Lubna Bassam, Gender and Linguistic background in SMS code-switching by Lebanese students 

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Researching mediation between cultures
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