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Translation Research Projects 1

door Translation research projects 1

Edited by Anthony Pym & Alexander Perekrestenko

Intercultural Studies Group
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, 2008

ISBN: 978-84-611-8821-5 

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Contents of the book
(The articles comprising the volume can be downloaded separately here)

Presentation  1 
Richard Mansell,
Optimality in translation
Faraz Forghan-Parast,
Towards a cybernetic model of translation
Julie McDonough,
Translation during the 1980 and 1995 Independence Referenda in Canada
Sandra Poupaud,
Agency in translation, Hispanic literature in France, 1984-2002
Jennifer Varney,
Taboo and the translator: A survey of translators' notes in Italian translations of Anglo-American fiction, 1945-2005
Ayşenaz Koş,
Analysis of the paratexts of Simone de Beauvoir's works in Turkish
Chun Li,
Going ambiguous for reader empowerment. An exploration of the literal translation by Lu Zhen Zhong of First John of the New Testament
Nataša Pavlović,
Directionality in translation and interpreting. Preliminary report on a questionnaire survey in Croatia
Hiroko Inose,
Translating Japanese onomatopoeia and mimetic words
Renata Kamenická,
Explicitation profile and translator style

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