Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Translation Studies Multi-European Doctoral Programme (TRANSPHD) . ERASMUS 1 Intensive Program

27945 - IC - 2 - 2005 - 1 -BE- ERASMUS - IPUC - 4
2005-6 - 2006-7, 2007-8

The Intensive Programme is addressed to research students, trainers and course managers in the area of European Translation Studies. The first objective is to enlarge the strong CETRA network, operative since 1989, so as to include a representative group of centres from the new EU member states.

The second objective is to promote the standardization of Masters Curricula and PhD research in translation and cross-cultural communication, considered as one of the strategic training and research areas for the new international society. 

The main activities are the yearly exchange of students, staff and courseware, concentrated in a two-week session in Italy and then extended on the basis of on-going e-learning.

The training session focuses on research training, staff training and management training, including the management of research, with special emphasis on the use of ICT infrastructure (library equipment, courseware, e-learning). 

The output is expected to be an extended cooperative network, working towards a series of standardized research-oriented Masters programs in Translation Studies, on the Bologna model. This should in turn contribute to a deeper understanding of the social and cultural role of translation, and thus to improved communication policies and translator-training programmes in the wider Europe.