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New Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies 2013


The Intercultural Studies Group is pleased to announce its sixth international conference for graduate students and young scholars: New Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies 2013.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Format: Speakers will be given 20 minutes to present their project; each presentation will be followed by 15 minutes of discussion. This format is designed to promote international contacts among novice researchers and to encourage extensive feedback from peers.

Deadlines: Proposals by January 18, 2013. Notification of acceptance by March 5, 2013.

Venue: The conference will be in the Sala de Graus (ground floor) and Sala de Juntes (first floor) of the Campus Catalunya (at your left-hand side just after entering the campus through the main gate), Universitat Rovira i Virgili, 35 Avinguda Catalunya, Tarragona.

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Keynote Speakers


Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Leicester, where she directs the Translation Studies program. She is the editor of key reference texts on the role of translation in language learning: Translation and Language Teaching: Language Teaching and Translation (1998) andTranslation in Undergraduate Degree Programmes (2004), and is the author of the entry "Language learning and translation" in the Benjamins Handbook of Translation Studies (2010). She is also the author of Linguistics and the Language of Translation (2005), co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Translation Studies (2011), editor of The Linguistics Encyclopaedia (1991, third edition 2010) and general editor of the Translation Studies journal Target.

Ignacio García


Senior lecturer at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, University of Western Sydney, where he teaches in translation English-Spanish and translation technologies. He has published in academic and professional journals on translation memory, translation memory and machine translation integration, postediting, and uses of machine translation for language learning. His current interest is on the deployment of digital technology to assist bilinguals to translate and everyone to interact in unfamiliar linguistic environments. He has also taught and published on Spanish and Latin American studies, having completed his PhD on this area.


Based on the quality of the presentations, selected speakers were invited to present 3,000-word papers for publication. Proposals were peer-revised before the final approval. Two calls were issued after the conference: for general papers and for history and culture related papers. Accepted proposals in the first group were compiled as Translation Research Projects 5History and culture related papers were proposed in book form to Cambridge Scholars and published under the title And Translation Changed the World. 

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