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Translating Ernest Farrès

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In this experiment, both professors of the Department of English and German Studies in URV proposed their version of a chosen poem by Ernest Farrés's book inspired on Edward Hopper's paintings.  Then, they reflect on their choices and compare it to the Venuti's prize-winning translation.

The exercise looks into the difficulties of translating poetry and highlights how different readings and different outcomes are always possible, but necessarily some better than others.

The playlist includes comments on:

- Stairway (1949)

- Ernest Farrés reading his own poems (2001)

- Small town station (1918-20)

- Shakespeare at dusk (1935)

- Gas (1940)

- Girlie show (1941)

New poems will be reviewed soon!


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"Edward Hopper" by Ernest Farrés

Translating Poetry