Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Open seminars in Translation Studies, January-February 2011

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Tuesday January 18, 6pm-8pm 
ANDREW CHESTERMAN (Helsinki): Skopos theory: a retrospective assessment
Andrew Chesterman is Professor of Multilingual Communication, Department of General Linguistics, University of Helsinki, Finland. Author of Memes of Translation (1997), Contrastive Functional Analysis(1998), co-author of Can Theory Help Translators? (2002) and The Map. A Beginner's Guide to Doing Research in Translation Studies (2002). He holds a Càtedra d'Excel.lencia (Chair of Excellence) at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili for 2011.   

Wednesday January 19, 6pm-8pm 
MICHAELA WOLF (Graz): The translators' submissiveness: a myth? Challenges of the translatorial habitus
Edited version here 
Michaela Wolf is Associate professor at the Department of Translation Studies, University of Graz, Austria. Areas of research are translation sociology, cultural aspects of translation, translation history, postcolonial translation, feminist translation. Presently her research focuses on social aspects of translation which she is investigating on a large corpus of German translations in the Habsburg Monarchy.

Friday January 21, 6pm-8pm 
ITAMAR EVEN-ZOHAR (Tel Aviv): Textual efflorescence and social capital: The case of Medieval Iceland
Edited version here
Webcast recorded here: http://videoconferencia.urv.es/p34173841/
Itamar Even-Zohar is Professor emeritus of Culture Research at Tel Aviv University. His research in recent years has been clustering around initiatives of change for the management of social and personal life, and their relations to the sustainability of societies. Such initiatives are taken by "idea-makers" and often implemented by "cultural entrepreneurs". Conceptually, this work is based on concepts of heterogeneity (or complexity), partly developed earlier by Even-Zohar under the name of "Polysystem theory". In earlier stages of his work he also contributed to the study of translation as a complex and dynamic activity governed by system relations rather than by a-priori fixed parameters of comparative language capabilities.

Wednesday February 2, 2011: 12 midday - 2 pm 
ANDREW CHESTERMAN: Understanding Explanation

All seminars are open to the general public. They will be in the Sala de Graus, Ave. Catalunya 35, Tarragona.