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Seminar: Corpus Linguistics, Translation and Terminology

Corpus Linguistics, Translation and Terminology 

Stella E. O. Tagnin (University of Sao Paolo, Brazil) 

June 9-11, 2009
Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain

A training and research seminar in conjunction with the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The purpose of the siminar is to give an overview of the principles of Corpus Linguistics and how they can be applied to research projects in Translation Studies and Terminology.

Stella E. O. Tagnin - professor of English Translation, Department of Modern Languages at the University of São Paulo, Brasil. Taught Specialized Translation and Literary Translation at the Translation Program for over 25 years. Introduced Corpus Linguistics in her post-graduate and translation courses in 1998. She is the coordinator of the  COMET Project - Multilingual Corpus for Teaching and Translation (www.fflch.usp.br/dlm/comet). She is the author of Expressões Idiomáticas e Convencionais (1998), which was revised and published as O Jeito que a Gente Diz (2005) and has edited three special issues of leading journals in Brazil focusing on corpora: Crop 10 (2004), TradTerm 10 (2004) and Cadernos de Tradução - Tradução e Corpora (2003). Her publications include several articles on her main interest areas: Corpus Linguistics, Conventionality and Phraseology (in teaching and in translation), Specialized Translation and Terminology (construction of glossaries), Translation of Humor. She is a founding member of ABRAPT, the Brazilian association of researchers in translation. She is currently working on a project of a bilingual glossary (Portuguese-English) of Brazilian cooking ingredients and dishes.

This activity is part of the project Nuevas tecnologías para la profesionalización de traductores (PHB2007-0020-PC, PHB2007-0019-TA), PHB2007-0021-TA), 2008-09

Attendance is free for qualified participants (within the capacities of the computer lab), but you must register here.

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