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Traducciones de poesías chinas anteriores al año 221 a.C.

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Exhibition of translated Chinese Poetry

Exhibition organized by Centro de Estudios Hispánicos URV and Asociación de Estudiantes e Investigadores Chinos de Tarragona, with the collaboration of the Department of Filologies Romàniques  and the Department of English and German Studies, the Master's in Professional English-Spanish Translation, the Degree in Spanish Language and Literature, and the CRAI Campus Catalunya.

The exhibition compiles a collection of poems from dating back to pre-Qin period (prior to 211 B.C.). The Chinese poem is presented with a Spanish translation and a brief explanation of the context of the poetry.

The exhibition will be on display from December, 12th to January, 7th at the lobby of CRAI Campus Catalunya, Avinguda Catalunya, 35 (Tarragona).


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Poster of the exhibition

Poetry sample