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Isabel Chumbo

Isabel Chumbo teaches at the Instituto Politécnico Bragança, Portugal. She holds a research grant from the Portuguese government.

Translating the regime: Portuguese Propaganda in English during Salazar's Dictatorship (1932-1949)

Co-supervisors: Teresa Seruya, Anthony Pym

Research summary

This study analyzes translation as a support for propaganda during the dictatorial regime of António Oliveira Salazar (1932-68) in Portugal with particular emphasis on the 1930s and 1940s when many of the foundations of the regime were laid. The research is developed in two parts. First it investigates the importance Salazar's regime attributed to translation, mainly from Portuguese into English. Second it analyzes a set of speeches by Salazar in order to understand how translators were influenced by the constraints of living and working in a dictatorship thus originating self-censorship.