Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Training seminar for translation teachers Granada, Spain, July 21-25, 2003

The Consortium for Training Translation Teachers, in cooperation with the Universidad de Granada and the Intercultural Studies Group, is pleased to announce an intensive training seminar to be held in English.

Based on the model used in Tarragona in 2001 and Vicenza in 2002, the seminar will focus on the impact of new technologies on translator training. It is designed to bring together both professional translators and translation teachers, and to facilitate exchanges between those groups.

Course leaders: Bert Esselink, Daniel Gouadec, Dorothy Kelly, Anthony Pym, Catherine Way


The aim of the seminar is to provide a space for the acquisition of the teaching skills most in demand in the training of professional technical (non-literary) translators at university level. Those skills principally involve the use of electronic tools, awareness of the current processes of technical translation and localization, and interactive use of the teaching space, both face-to-face and via e-learning techniques.

The seminar is designed to address many teaching environments in many countries. It thus does not insist on a profile of any one 'ideal teacher', nor on a set of fixed 'best practices'. Instead, it encourages awareness of a number of approaches and is based on exchange between professional translators and teachers.

The five contact days are supplemented by 1) the use of reference textswritten by the course leaders, and 2) an optional certificate program that takes place after the seminar.